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Back To School Shopping – Great Deals

24th August 2012

I just finished the back to school shopping for the kids a couple of days ago (school starts September 4th here), and I was able to take advantage of some great deals. My kids have this funny way of outgrowing everything this time of year, so short of socks and underwear, we needed a lot. (Insert husband sobbing here)

I tend to buy most of the kids clothes at The Gap, however I decided to venture out to check out what else I could find, when I missed their Friends and Family sale. Being in a smaller city, there really aren’t that many great options here, and I don’t like clothes that are not age appropriate and look like they should be on Toddlers and Tiaras, so that reduces the pickings even more. I actually found some great pieces and some great deals too.

Bonnie Togs

I like this store because they have cute Carters clothes and stretchy pants – in case you don’t know, stretchy pants are a beautiful thing to a five year old who can’t be bothered with buttons and zippers when trying to pull up her pants. They also have ridiculously good prices.

These Carters tops are SO cute – each were $8 and the socks were on sale for $3.99 for three pairs. Adorable and age appropriate – win. I also picked up some cute cardis for the five year old and some fun glitter light up shoes for her indoor shoes. I used to pick up things for the boy here too, but he’s eight now and Bonnie Togs is just “not cool”. Alrighty Boss.

The Children’s Place

I hadn’t been in this store in ages but I hit it up since I was at the mall with the kids. They have the Place Cash promotion going on (I got $25) and when I signed up for their email, I got an additional 30% off – double win!

I got this adorable dress, perfect for church or a special event for $14.00 (regularly $29.95) and it is really sweet on.

How about some cute winter hats (yes I know it’s August, and I HATE buying winter crap this early, but it’s an owl hat people – we need to make exceptions). Regularly $14.95 and $10.95, I got them for $10.46 & $7.66. So I ended up spending about $60 and got one dress, two winter hats, an owl purse (ahem), and two sweaters for the older dude. That’s just crazy talk.


Old Navy is one of those stores where I run in for one thing, and leave with a bag of stuff, so I guess whatever they’re doing is working. I like this store for the kids because the clothes are affordable, and they are great at destroying their clothes at school, so it’s less painful for me when I need to toss it.

Here I picked up $20 jeans for the 5yo, and several long sleeve cotton tops for both kids (from $8 – $14), and these because they were too cute to pass up:

So cute! Originally $20 – got them for $8.40.

And because Old Navy is smart and has that huge aisle of stuff right by the cash that parents try to get their kids not to notice, I also ended up buying these:

Originally $7.50 each, I got both for $9.55 – it was only right to take Snoopy home, especially when the eight year old said, “Snoopy is so cool.” Take that Spongebob.

Roots 73

I really like this store for my son – great Roots items that we both like. They have a promo going on right now where if you spend $100, you get $30 off which works for me.

I picked up three t-shirts, two hoodies and a cute zip up sweatshirt for $75, and the eight  year old walked out of there like he had just won the lottery. Seriously.

The Gap

I spend a lot of time (and cash) in this store – they know me (and my sister and mom) by name. However, I like a sale and a great deal just as much as anyone else. Thankfully, The Gap is great at having sales all the time now so it’s easy to avoid spending full price. I won’t tell you what I spent here because it’s embarassing and my husband reads this blog and well, marriage works better when there is a sense of retail mystery.

True story.

They had all their jeans, uniforms and backpacks on for 30% off so I picked up jeans, polos and a tie for the boy. I also picked up a new backpack for him for $18 (from $30).

These were on for $11.97 from $19.95 and really nice cotton. I also picked up some $8.99 short sleeve shirts for him and great yoga pants (STRETCHY PANTS!) for the five year old for $14.

The only thing I have left to purchase are rain boots for the 8 year old and wine for mommy.

Wine. It’s whats for dinner.

Especially after a day of spending all your pennies on your lovely children. Remember those days when you had money to spend in your wallet all the time?

Yeah, neither do I.


Are you done your back to school shopping yet? Any great deals??

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