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The Smurfs Dance Party Wii Game – Review

30th August 2011

I was really excited to be chosen as part of the new UbiChamps program with the CleverGirls recently (LOVE the CleverGirls)FYI: If you don’t know who the Clever Girls are, you’re missing out – go here for more info!

As an official UbiChamp, I will receive Ubisoft games to review throughout the year – and the first one we received was The Smurfs Dance Party for the Wii. I happily volunteered for this one because I thought both my seven and my four year old would enjoy it.

The Smurf Dance Party, from the makers of Just Dance, is a super fun dance game starring the Smurfs – which are everywhere right now and really popular again. The game is based on their new movie, The Smurfs, which is great because you actually get to see clips of the movie when playing the Story mode of the game – my kids enjoyed that. The game also be played in Dance mode, which is purely dancing along to the various songs. Players can earn awards when completing or reaching certain parts of the game and parents can even keep track of game statistics including play time and calories burned. (I will say that I was surprised to see the calorie tracker actually – it’s not really something I think is necessary for a kids game to be honest.)

I love that, as long as you can hold the remote correctly, you are able to play the game – this really allows the younger set to have fun. Songs also range in level of difficulty, so that adult players can also be challenged. Although I left most of the game playing to my kids, I tried it out and danced to a few of the songs. I found it really fun, especially when playing “against” my kids, and actually a bit of a workout. The game also has a team mode so that players can play as teams, and a freeze and shake mode for more fun. The songs were upbeat and catchy, and my kids were singing along right from the get go. Proof it’s a cute game? Look below – there’s Papa Smurf getting down. How can you stand the cute?

So what did my seven year old son think of it?

“I thought it was really fun – some of the dancing was easy, and some was hard. My favorite part is when they show parts from the movie. My least favorite part is that it only involves dancing.” (I found the last part of his review kind of hilarious, seeing this is a DANCE game.)

And let’s not forget what the four year old thinks,

“I didn’t like that the bad guy (Gargamel) is singing – he looked mean. But I LOVED the character Smurfette and what Smurfette was singing because she’s so cute. It was a great game – I loved the Smurf Dance Party game.”

Here’s a short video of the kids playing the game for the first time:

I think this is a fun game that the entire family will enjoy, especially the little ones. You can find it here on Amazon.com and ToysRUs.com.

    Thank you to Ubisoft for sponsoring this blog post. Please click here to learn more about Ubisoft. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions are my own.

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