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My Twilight Challenge/Nightmare Continues

16th December 2009

As you may have read here, I have been challenged to read the Twilight SKATA, I mean SAGA (no I don’t), by some fellow Twitterers. As far as I’m concerned, for someone who’s a hater, I’m totally rockin’ it! I’m done book 1 & 2 and halfway thru book #3.

My Synopsis (so far):

Book#1 – TWILIGHT:

Girl moves to small, rainy town to live with her dad. Girl meets weird dude. Weird dude ends up being a vampire. Girl and Vampire are in LURV. Weird dude/Vampire’s “daddy” is HOT. Bad Vampire smells Girl. Bad Vampire wants to eat Girl. Good Vampire saves Girl from being killed by Bad Vampire. Good Vampires make Bad Vampire Chop Suey. Oh, and some dude named Jacob.

Book #2 – New Moon:

Girl and Vampire are still in LOVE. Girl goes to Vampire’s house for her birthday. Girl gets paper cut opening a gift, almost gets eaten by other “good” vampire. Vampire tells Girl that he doesn’t wants her anymore and Vampire family disappears. Girl goes LOCO. Girl makes friends with Jacob. Jacob is in LOVE with Girl. Girl does crazy shit as reverse psychology on Vampire. Vampire does not bite. Girl finds out Jacob is a WEREWOLF. Surprise, surprise, Girl doesn’t care. Girl almost dies jumping off a cliff. Vampire thinks Girl is dead. Vampire goes to Italy to get murdered – he can’t live without the Girl. Girl & Vampire’s sister go to Italy to save him. Blah Blah Blaggity Blah……Vampire proposes….Marriage?

Book #3 – Eclipse (so far)

Vampires. Girl. Werewolves, werewolves, and more annoying werewolves. Boring werewolf stories. Bad Vampires still trying to kill Girl. (Just kill her already).

SO, there you have it – I’m almost done and will have a final post about all the books (maybe even the movies – yes I watched both, thanks illegal internet movie people) in the near future.

I’m sure you can’t wait.

(please note: skata means shit/crap/poop in Greek)

DEATH by Twilight

9th December 2009

I have been challenged by a few of my Twitter friends to read the Twilight series (or the dumb vampire books as I like to call them). @MrsLouLou (Twilight Crazy Lady), @scunning (only slightly wacko) and @MyMessyParadise (little to no crazy) are giving me $20 gift certificates to Starbucks (each) to read the entire thing without jumping off any tall buildings during the process. The lovely @KathyBuckworth has also offered me a free copy of her latest book to read them too. I can’t say no to the offer of a book – honestly, if you know me at all, you will know that I will pretty much do anything if books are offered as a bribe. Of course, playing on my Starbucks addiction is pretty harsh, but what do you expect from Twilight “crazies”.

So, thanks to @JustOneMiss, I am now reading the first book electronically – because its free (I refuse to pay for these books). My thoughts so far? Well, its definitely in the young teens section of the bookstore for a reason. Also, knowing that Robert Pattinson plays Edward in the movie is really annoying because I would like to try to envision someone actually good-looking as this vampire dude. Other than that, I’m overwhelmed by the cheese. Its only a taken a few hours, but I’ll be done the first one tonight. I have to be – its the holidays people – Vampires are SO NOT CHRISTMASY.

(Please Note: If you’re one of these Twilight obsessed people who can’t take the criticism/sarcasm/hatred that I have for these books, than I suggest you have a stiff drink before you leave me a comment, or avoid my delightful commentary all together. Because to be fair, I laugh at the haters of the haters. Its called a sense of humour – ask for one for Christmas).

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