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Zellers Festive Finale

4th November 2011

Zellers Canada is shutting its doors next year to make way for Target.

I have many, many memories of shopping at Zellers as a little kid with my Mom and siblings. There used to be a big location near my dad’s restaurant, and it was always part of our “loop” when walking around downtown. I can vividly remember shopping in the toy section, and then as I got older, shopping with my niece and nephew as well. I can still remember where everything was located in the store, even though it hasn’t been there for YEARS. Yes, I’m weird.

Although I am super excited about Target finally coming to Canada, I am sad about Zellers basically disappearing at the same time. It’s an emotional conundrum.

Since this holiday season will be their last, Zellers has decided to approach it differently. They are calling it their Festive Finale, and they are letting their customers run it. You can head to their Facebook page to:

  • set the sale prices of merchandise
  • pick the in-store music playlist
  • record and upload your own Zellers radio spots
  • have access to exclusive offers and deals only available to community members
Go check it out!! Now here are a few words from the Executive Managing Director of Zellers:

Dude has nice legs.

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Zellers, but I used my own brain to form sentences – because I am a genius.”

Anderson Cooper Gets The Giggles – Video

19th August 2011

I’ve always really liked Anderson Cooper, but after watching this clip of him getting the giggles, I love him even more.

He’s reporting about Gerard Depardieu’s jackass move of urinating on the floor in the middle of an airplane, because he didn’t want to wait until the plane was in the air.

Watch until the end – it’s hilarious. Oui Oui.

Nineteen Percent And Girls Don’t Rule The World

3rd June 2011

I saw this vlog the other day on the Blogher website, and with the title, “Get Real Beyonce, Girls Don’t Rule The World”, I had to watch it.

FYI: I find Beyonce painfully painful.

Watch this video where vlogger, Nineteen Percent, tells it like it is. About ten seconds in, you’ll realize she is wicked smart, and spot on.

I officially have a new girl crush. Sorry Meryl.

A Video That Every Parent Should Watch

30th April 2011

Confession Time:

I’m a bit of a scaredy cat mother – I terrify easily. I’m afraid of everything, especially when it involves my children. I’m better than I used to be – I was an absolute mess when the kids were babies, but still I fear the worst. Whenever the kids have a fever, I am a particular wreck. Never one to show it on the outside for fear of actually scaring the kids or annoying the husband, I’m an absolute mess on the inside. Only when the kids are healthy again, do I breathe a much anticipated sigh of relief.

April 25th was World Meningitis Day, so Urban Moms asked if I would like to post about Meningitis and an accompanying video. After I watched it, I felt that it was really important to share. It’s about a family touched by Meningitis – a nine year old boy who went from “perfectly normal to deathly ill” within a day. Keaton had Meningitis – he was in the hospital for months, lost both limbs to amputation, and had many skin grafts on his arms.

Before this video, I have to admit that I knew nothing about Meningitis. It’s a shocking story, and for me, absolutely frightening. Thankfully, Keaton survived and at 15, lives a happy and full life. Please take a moment and watch the video:


For more information, please check out the Meningitis Research Foundation of Canada.