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Britain’s Got Talent Auditions 2012 – Videos

7th May 2012

Here’s a confession …. I’m obsessed with watching Britain’s Got Talent audition videos on YouTube.

Here are my favs from this year’s auditions so far.

Sam Kelly – his voice will make you sob.

Only Boys Allowed – boys choir that will make you …. sob.

Ashleigh & Pudsey – cutest thing ever

Malakai Paul – the sweetest little voice you’ve ever heard

Strictly Wheels – I LOVE their spirit. LOVE.

The Sugar Dandies – I ADORE this clip. I can’t help but smile the entire time.

Face Team – Crazy basketball tricks – very fun

I FINALLY Appreciate the Star Wars Trilogy

5th July 2010

I saw these and I knew I had to do it for my Star Wars obsessed 6 year old. I stayed up late to make my little man into his favorite character. I have to admit I get such a kick out of watching these – they are hilarious, and the kids’ reactions to them will be priceless. Enjoy!




The Little Man as Luke Skywalker

The Little Lady as Princess Leia

Daddy as HANS SOLO

Pappou (my dad) as Obi Wan Kenobi





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