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SNL’s Seth Meyers On The Breast-Feeding Time Cover

14th May 2012

I watched SNL on the weekend and sure enough Weekend Update was one of the funniest segments of the show.

Not surprisingly, Seth Meyers brought up the Time magazine cover that everyone is talking about right now, during his “Really?!?” segment.

Thanks to my Tivo, here’s what was said (I would have loved to add the video but I was blocked by YouTube. If you’re in the U.S., you can find it on Hulu).

This week Time Magazine created a controversy with a cover story of attachment parenting that used this photo (shows cover), which brings us to a segment we like to call, REALLY!?!

Really, Time Magazine? THIS is the image you went with for Mother’s Day? Look I have nothing against breastfeeding, but there are more appropriate places to breastfeed your kid than the cover of Time magazine. For example, page three of Time Magazine, or you know, not in a magazine at all, I mean really. And look, it’s not the act that bothers me, it’s this photo. When I first glanced at the cover I didn’t think, oh it’s a mom breastfeeding her kid, I thought, did the kid from Modern Family sexually assault his yoga instructor. Really, this photo doesn’t say I’m a loving mother feeding my son, it says I’m the crazy queen from Game of Thrones, I mean really.

And really, Mom, what’s with your expression? You couldn’t do a smile, you had to go with Blue Steel? Really? And really, this poor kid and the expression on his face looked like someone just flipped on the bedroom lights, “Oh Bob, you’re back from your business trip, it’s uh not what it looks like, uh, I assure you it’s not what it looks like.” And really, what’s with the camouflage pants? You do realize there’s not enough camouflage in the world to hide from the blow back this kid is going to experience. Also, I’m going to warn you now kid, when you get older, I got a feeling your mom isn’t going to like any of your girlfriends, really. And there’s still like a 95% chance you’re going to end up co-managing a motel with her skeleton. Really.

Look, we all have to deal with a little hassle on Mother’s Day, but when that lady’s your mom, every day is going to be Mother’s Day. And Time, don’t get me wrong, I understand you have to do what it takes to sell magazines and it’s a good cover, but if you wanted a great cover, you would have photoshopped out the chair. I mean, really.

Did you watch? What did you think?

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