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What to Take to Blissdom Canada 2011

10th October 2011

Blissdom Canada is coming, Blissdom Canada is coming.

If you’re on Twitter, I’m sure you’ve heard about Blissdom Canada since people have been counting down for weeks now. And here we are three days away (THREE SLEEPS!!) and it’s time to start packing – or at least think about packing.

I saw Loukia’s post about what to take to blogging conferences, so I thought I would take this opportunity to let you know what I’m taking to Blissdom because I know you are just DYING to know.

What BOREDMommy is taking to Blissdom Canada (also known as her annual four days of freedom):

  • iPhone – I sleep with the thing, so it’s not really a debate
  • Business cards
  • My new squeaky bras (Have you heard? I bought some Calvin Klein bras that literally squeak whenever I move – so if you think you heard my chestal region squeak, you are CORRECT!
  • WINE
  • Deodorant – because I want to smell fresh for my roomie, Lindsey
  • Cardigans, cardigans, cardigans – thanks to my lovely sponsor, Old Navy Canada
  • Camera
  • Notebook and pen – SO much better than a silly iPad (insert iPad envy here)
  • Colin Firth action figure
  • Starbucks card, loaded with many, many lattes
  • My uniform x 4 days – jeans, cardigans and flats
  • Cute pjs, in case I happen to run into some fabulous, semi-drunk women in my room at some point
  • Mints – I want to make sure my breath is minty fresh, when we’re making out.
  • My kissy face supplies – see pic above.
  • AND the last one, courtesy of my five year old – “Mommy, don’t forget your underwears, in case you pee yourself!”
See You There, Girlies!!!

What To Take In Case of a Emergency

18th August 2010

Do you ever ask yourself what you would take with you in case of an Armageddon/Apocalypse/holy shit someone just blew up the Starbucks kind of emergency?

Too dramatic?

Okay, well let’s say you had to leave your house real quick because of a you’re-avoiding-the-in-laws kind of emergency (yes to some, this equals the apocalypse). What would you take with you in case of  a fake emergency?

While you ponder, let me tell you what I would take.

First, let’s set aside the obvious take-withs:

  • Kids – legally required to do so – also they are too cute to leave behind.
  • Husband – full-time chauffeur – also legally obligated.
  • Handbag – contains cash and 400 lip glosses that I can’t live without.
  • Cell – because the urge to tweet is STRONG.

Obvious stuff now in hand, what about those other can’t-live-without items?

In case of emergency, I won’t forget:

  • A lamp – in case I need to see something in the dark.
  • Bacon – because protein is always important when running from aliens (and in-laws).
  • Bandaids – to help in reattaching that limb lost when running from that meteor (or in-law).
  • Perfume – because smelling like a daisy is always a lovely thing.
  • A pen and paper – to make a list of things I probably should have brought in case of that emergency, that just happens to be happening while I’m making said list.
  • Workout dvd – for those need-to-tone-your-thigh moments.
  • Lego – in case I need something painful to step on when I happen to be barefoot.
  • Starbucks card – because if I don’t have access to my daily latte, it might as well be the apocalypse.
  • Photos of my loved ones – VERY important – DO NOT leave behind.
  • Tape – to tape said beloved photos to the ceiling (for. safe. keeping)

I am so prepared now.

What will you take?

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