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Kid’s Corner on the Windows 8 Phone #SummerSwitch

19th July 2013

One of the best features on the new Windows 8 phone for me, as a mom, is the Kid’s Corner. Kid’s corner is ” basically a phone within your phone” that is dedicated to the little people in your life.

To get to Kid’s Corner on the Windows 8 phone, instead of swiping up to get into your phone, you swipe to the left and once you’ve downloaded it onto your phone, you’re there!

The Kid’s Corner basically allows your kids to play games, take pictures, draw, play music and watch videos and use a number of apps, without having to worry that they will accidentally access your phone and mess with your setup. Also, you have the control of what they can access by choosing what you download into the Kid’s Corner area of the phone. The kids will be able to open and access Kid’s Corner on their own, while your stuff is protected (you will have to setup a password to do this). Kids will also be able to customize their Kid’s Corner by changing the colors and even the placement and sizes of the tiles. 

There are thousands of apps, games and music available to purchase that you can add to Kid’s Corner to make it fun for your kids. You’ll find tons of family friendly, educational  and classic options in the games section, as well as music and videos. Once you’ve decided what you want to add to the phone, you can then choose what they can or can’t access in the Kid’s Corner, with the convenient toggle feature. Rather than deleting an app for example, you can toggle it off and it will no longer show in the Kid’s Corner until it is toggled on again.

My kids LOVE Kid’s Corner and I like that I can hand the phone to them without worrying about what they’re doing or deleting off my phone. The camera takes amazing pictures, even when little people are the photographers. The speakers are nice and loud so they can enjoy it together, without using or sharing ear phones. Both my six year old and nine year old have both really enjoyed playing  with the cool drawing apps like Draw Free! and Create Studio.

Kid’s Corner is just another great feature of the Windows 8 Phone that you should definitely check out!

Disclosure:  I am a part of the #SummerSwitch Challenge.  The Nokia 920 Windows 8 phone was provided to me to use for the challenge my Microsoft Canada.  As well, I will receive compensation for my participation in this event.  All opinions expressed are my own.

I’m Doing The Microsoft Canada #SummerSwitch Challenge

27th June 2013

Hello Lovelies!!

I was invited to take part in the Microsoft Canada #SummerSwitch Challenge this summer.  So, I’ve put aside my beloved iPhone 4 aside (we sleep together, seriously) to test out the Nokia Lumia 920 phone Windows 8 phone. 

As someone who uses both Microsoft and Apple products on a daily basis, I thought it would be a great opportunity to finally try out the Windows 8 platform.

First Impressions?

  • IT’S SO FLUFFY!!! Translation: Super nice looking phone.
  • It’s big with a nice big screen! I LOVE the 4.5″ screen – especially for watching videos or movies.
  • The phone is so adaptable to your needs that the setting up of the phone is really half the fun. That sounds super dorky I suppose, but dorky is so in right now.
  • The back button may be the best thing ever invented for a phone. I LOVE it and use it constantly. Seriously, it is fantastic.
  • It’s definitely heavier than my iPhone.

My favorite things about this phone so far:

  • The camera on this phone takes amazing photos and with the numerous apps available with the camera, you can get some amazing results.
  • The speaker volume on this phone is nice and loud which I really appreciate – I can watch videos and movies using the Vevo and Netflix apps (LOVE) and the sound is clear and loud (old lady hearing requirement).
  • Again, the back button is definitely a favorite – use it all the time.
  • As a blogger using WordPress, the WordPress app is excellent and you could easily blog from your phone using it – love that.
  • Kid’s Corner is such a great option if you have kids – it allows you to create a separate area on your phone for your kids that will amuse them with fun apps, while keeping your phone totally separate. It is such a great idea and my kids use it as the reason they keep stealing the phone because they believe it gives them about 40% ownership. Kids are so cute.

As someone who uses Twitter and Facebook every single day, the absolute best thing about this phone for me is the PEOPLE and PHOTO section. The PHOTO section not only holds the photos you take with the camera but also compiles all your photos that you have in your Facebook, Twitter and any other accounts that you’ve set up on your phone, into different albums. In the PEOPLE section, each contact appears with all their contact info but also shows their updates (from FB, etc) and allows you text, email and call them from their contact page. Also in the PEOPLE section, you can use the Family Room section to invite people and then privately share your calendars, photos, group chats and notes in one place – very, very cool feature.

I’ve only scratched the surface of all the cool features on this phone. Next post, I’ll explore some more including the XBOX features that are a gamer’s dream!!

Disclosure:  The Nokia 920 Windows 8 phone was given to me to use for the Microsoft Canada #summerswitch Challenge, and I will receive compensation for my participation.  Regardless, all opinions are my own.

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