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Dear Husband, Mother’s Day is coming. I’ve made it easy for you. You’re welcome. Love Me.

4th May 2010

Dear Husband, I know you try (and fail) in the gift department time and time again. But let me give you some advice, k? No gift cards – gift cards suck when they come from your husband. And no flowers, because they just go ahead and die, and PLEASE no chocolate, and we both know why on that one. Instead, try to think about the things I like – being married for almost 10 YEARS might help that along. Or if all else fails, which it usually does, just ask me, but you usually don’t, hence why you forced my hand, and now I have no choice but to make this list.  And because I’m so in love with you, I have now given you a list for not only Mother’s Day, but also my birthday, my nameday, our anniversary, the first day of summer and whenever you need to get out of the doghouse. You’re welcome.

1. JCREW Handbag – It’s been a while since you bought me anything from JCrew (actually it was YEARS ago) and this handbag called me and asked to come over.

2. Clarisonic Mia Skin Brush – My pores are sad and neglected and I’m just tired of the teenage acne that I’m now getting in my old age. This brush is supposedly a miracle worker, and I needs a miracle!

3. Coach Watch – What time is it again? I figure this one would also be a service to you because I would stop asking you the time every five minutes. Also, if ever caught in a MacGruber life and death situation, I’m going to need to know how much time I have left before that bomb detonates.

Coach Product

4. Canon DSLR – I’ve been asking my girlies on Twitter about this one, and I know you will be so happy that I’ve done the legwork for you. All you need to do is head over to Henry’s and pick it up. Oh, and don’t forget a 50mm lens while you’re at it. Again, you are so welcome.

5. MacBook – As my husband and Sugardaddy (yes, we can both laugh at the irony of that term on so many levels) you really need to hit the Apple store the next time you’re in the big city.  I know my happiness ultimately determines your happiness, no? I just want you to be happy, k, so remember, APPLE store a.s.a.p.

6. iPhone – I hate my BB. Now, please get me that iPhone 4G that is supposedly coming out in June – which is technically too late for Mother’s Day, but I’m sure there is something in June that this would be perfect for, like Flag Day?

Try to ignore the fact that all these items are pricey – because it’s the thought that counts, and I’m thinking that any of these would be super great to open on Sunday.

Happy Shopping, Husband.

Love, Me.


13th August 2009

I wish I could play the piano.

I wish I could knit.

I wish I could hem my own curtains.

I wish I could keep my house clean for longer than a few hours.

I wish I could eat pasta everyday for the rest of my life and gain no weight.

I wish Starbucks would deliver.

I wish I carried ear plugs with me at all times, so that I could use a public restroom without having to listen to everyone else using it too.

I wish I could read a newspaper that had only good news, if only for a day.

I wish I knew how to make M&Ms.

I wish I could make mosquitos fear me.

I wish the Kindle was available in Canada.

I wish I had a group of girlfriends I could call my own.

I wish my phone would ring without knowing it was either my my mom or my sister.

I wish I had Carrie Bradshaw’s closet.

I wish I had long hair.

I wish I could look in the mirror and see more than just a fat ass.

I wish I wasn’t terrified of flying.

I wish I had a personal chef.

I wish I could remember to charge my cell.

I wish I didn’t turn into a crazy person whenever my kids are sick (KNOCK ON WOOD!!!).

I wish I was a runner.

I wish my van looked a little more like a Range Rover.

I wish my hubby still felt butterflies whenever he was around me.

I wish dust bunnies had little brooms so they could clean themselves up.

I wish toys came with a lifetime supply of batteries.

I wish the laundry would fold itself.

I wish I wasn’t a stresscase all the time.

I wish I owned a get-out-of-Sephora free card.

I wish my wedding rings fit.

I wish my kids had selective hearing when it came to swearing.

I wish.

Old Lady Birthday Wish List

20th July 2009

Warning: This soon-to-be Birthday Girl is HALLUCINATING

My birthday is coming up this week, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. It’s going to be the first one I celebrate after reaching my scary age last year (35), and yes, I use the term “celebrate” lightly. If I don’t make my own cake I don’t get one, and my little people find the cake aspect of a birthday, the most thrilling. Hence, the cake is IN! I usually have big plans in my head, but in the end it ends up being a dinner out and/or a movie with the dude. In my pre-baby days, we would go away on my birthday – theatre in Toronto, shopping in Syracuse, museums in Ottawa. But these days, dragging the little people out-of-town just for my birthday, takes too much effort; so home it is. But just think of it this way, I tell myself, closer to home means more money for some fabulous gifts for myself (yes this is where the hallucinating begins). And so without further ado – I give you my 2009 Birthday List.

Mini Starbucks Card with Keychain:starbucks

Starbucks is a weakness of mine – I go often (daily). There are 5 locations in town, and they all know my drink the minute they see me. In fact, often its already made for me before I get to the front of the line to pay for it. I saw this at the store a couple of days ago and thought it was so cute – Starbucks gift card in Barbie size – YES please!

Marley & Me DVD:

I saw this movie in the theatre, and wasn’t too sure what to expect, because I had not read the book. However, I loved this movie – thought it was great. I laughed, I cried, I was generally moved. Delightfully crazy dog. Yes, I could watch it again, so here he is on my list.

Flip Ultra Video:flip

I’m all about compact products these days – with all the stuff already taking up every corner of my home, its a necessity. I want one of these because I’m always missing the action. By the time I lug my huge video camera out (it takes tapes people), the moment is lost. This beauty I can carry in my handbag, and delight in its pretty colors and usefulness. Hope the man is taking notes.

Cuisinart Waffle Maker:

We used to have a waffle maker. It was this clunky one that we got for a wedding present from a very generous (read: CHEAP) wedding guest. It was impossible to clean, and made a terrible waffle, and being fed up with it one day, I threw it in the garbage (I’m NOTHING if not dramatic!) So a wafflemaker is on the list. I really want it so that I can make my little people some delightful waffles that don’t require a toaster.

Clarisonic Skin Care Brush:clarisonic

Babies and the subsequent crazy hormone issues I now have, have not been kind to this old lady’s skin, so I really want one of these beauties. I saw it on Oprah on one of her Christmas shows (you know the one – you want to be there, but you can’t be, so you hate everyone who is, and you cry at all the crap you will never have your hands on.) Familiar? No? OK then. Anywho, my pores need this brush.


As you may know by now, I need to get my body back to pre-baby form, and its going to take nothing short of a miracle (Translation: proper diet and exercise). So, I would love a little help with that and BODYBUGG is the answer for me. It’s that little gadget that is seen on all those contestants on The Biggest Loser. It will tell me how many calories I’m burning while I sit on my butt and Twitter. This is a DEFINITE necessity.

COACH MAGGIE Handbag:maggie

I’m a stay-at-home mom – don’t I deserve pretty accessories?? I think so too, so I am putting this lovely on my list because I know no matter what I say or do, I will not actually get this for my birthday. My husband doesn’t understand the importance of a hot handbag. But every time I stare at it, I will be reminded of the gift I would have received had I married into the Coach family. Does the Coach family have some cute, maybe GREEK heirs? Does anyone in the Coach family need their cars washed? I’m sure I could hire someone to get that done for you, Coach people.



The Amazon Kindle – the most delightful creation of our time (in my own head – but yes it is). I want this thing so bad that I am willing to do anything to get it. Well, if anything means saying pretty please a few times, and jumping up and down like a crazy person, then yes I will do THAT! I will shine your shoes, and make you a lovely bean salad, and clean my kitchen for a Kindle. I will babysit your dog, and sweep up the hail and eat some celery for a KINDLE. I will even consider, but cannot guarantee, that I would attempt to kill the next centipede I ran into, if I got a KINDLE (yeah, no guarantees on this one). kindleI’m not one to ask for things, the thought of it kind of embarrasses me, but I am willing to go to my shameful self if that meant I would get a KINDLE. Is this working yet? Am I too old to ask my dad to buy it for me? That’s sad right? The funny thing is – he would totally buy it for me. I sound like I’m twelve. I miss being twelve. The hardest thing about being twelve was which lollipop to lick first. Boo. Birthdays suck. Holy Crap I am freakin’ old.

Leave your convincing arguments in my comments – work with me people! I need your help. I also really like to read your comments, so feel free to indulge me. It is my birthday after all.

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