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DEATH by Twilight

9th December 2009

I have been challenged by a few of my Twitter friends to read the Twilight series (or the dumb vampire books as I like to call them). @MrsLouLou (Twilight Crazy Lady), @scunning (only slightly wacko) and @MyMessyParadise (little to no crazy) are giving me $20 gift certificates to Starbucks (each) to read the entire thing without jumping off any tall buildings during the process. The lovely @KathyBuckworth has also offered me a free copy of her latest book to read them too. I can’t say no to the offer of a book – honestly, if you know me at all, you will know that I will pretty much do anything if books are offered as a bribe. Of course, playing on my Starbucks addiction is pretty harsh, but what do you expect from Twilight “crazies”.

So, thanks to @JustOneMiss, I am now reading the first book electronically – because its free (I refuse to pay for these books). My thoughts so far? Well, its definitely in the young teens section of the bookstore for a reason. Also, knowing that Robert Pattinson plays Edward in the movie is really annoying because I would like to try to envision someone actually good-looking as this vampire dude. Other than that, I’m overwhelmed by the cheese. Its only a taken a few hours, but I’ll be done the first one tonight. I have to be – its the holidays people – Vampires are SO NOT CHRISTMASY.

(Please Note: If you’re one of these Twilight obsessed people who can’t take the criticism/sarcasm/hatred that I have for these books, than I suggest you have a stiff drink before you leave me a comment, or avoid my delightful commentary all together. Because to be fair, I laugh at the haters of the haters. Its called a sense of humour – ask for one for Christmas).

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