Hot new technology from Medtronic Diabetes

For the human body, the disease such as diabetes can prove as the number one enemy due to its silent effects on various organs. With the help of various technological options, medical science tries to curb this menace. Many companies are out there who manufacture different devices for patients who have diabetes. One such company is Medtronic, which has gained a huge reputation in the market due to its range of products for people who have diabetes.

Medtronic has always been ahead when it comes to developing exciting products for diabetes. It has seen a lot of success with many devices in the past and plans to retain that position in the future with many more exciting gadgets. Let us look at some of the most exciting things to come from this company shortly.

Advanced Hybrid Closed Loop 780G

This is an updated version of the previous models, and it is more accurate and reliable according to sources from the company. It provides automatic correction regularly that will help users to adjust for changes in diet and missed meals. Unlike previous models, it does not come with a fixed glucose target of 120 mg/dL, and it offers a good range between 100-120, thereby providing a lot of flexibility for users. This is the best option as many individuals have less requirements depending on their body weight and other health conditions.

Even the insulin duration times are flexible as the device offers different times for the benefit of users. The interesting thing about the device is that it comes with a Bluetooth option that enables users to share data with any other device. In this way, remote monitoring of the data becomes very easy, which is essential for many aged patients. Even the software updates are available remotely so that there is no need to use separate gadgets for new features.

Bluetooth connected 770G

The earlier version gets some upgrade with the inclusion of Bluetooth technology. This makes it possible to share data using the Bluetooth feature, and it will also provide access for remote monitoring of data.

As per sources, Medtronic is planning to launch the 770G version before the 780G hits the market. As the company is now offering remote software up-gradation, there is no need for users to buy 780G separately if they have already bought 770G. The version will automatically upgrade to the new features offered in 780G.

The company is one of the leaders in diabetes technology, and many of its products are sold all over the world. The good thing about the company is the way they approach innovation with a constant effort, and the new products never stop coming. They are very consistent with product launches, and they regularly provide unique and pathbreaking products to help millions of patients who have diabetes. Apart from the ones mentioned in this article, the company is also gearing up several other products for launch this year, and it would be exciting to see their new features.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide to Remove Earwax

Hydrogen peroxide as ear wax cleaner

Ear cleaning employs many tenchniques to clear the ear canal from the accumulated dirt and wax. But one of the effective and popular home technique is using hydrogen peroxide to clean the ear block due to wax.Hydrogen peroxide is a suggested element to be used for cleaning ears for removing the excess ear wax from the ears. It is believed that the hydrogen peroxide helps in bubbling out the ear wax easily. But there are ways to use it; otherwise, there are risks too with using hydrogen peroxide for cleaning the ear canals. Often the ear drops that are available in the market that most people use to remove the debris from the ears contain hydrogen peroxide as their primary ingredient. But as said, the proportion or drops into the ear canal matters.

Hydrogen peroxide is “Cerumenolytic,” which means that it can soften, break down, and dissolve earwax. There is a specific way and set of instructions for the usage of hydrogen peroxide for its safe results and zero side effects. 

How does it work?

Many ear drops contain hydrogen peroxide as their ingredient as it penetrates the ear and breaks the build-up wax. Its exposure to the present oxygen in peroxide bubbles up the reaction and results in the softening of the wax and flushing off the excess wax. 

Cleaning off the ear wax does not necessarily mean it should flush off all the ear wax you can see in the ear. Remember, the ear wax is a natural part of the ear protecting the ear canal from external particles. Hydrogen peroxide works on only the top section and removes the unnecessary wax if used incorrect amounts.

Is it harmless to use hydrogen peroxide to remove earwax?

The primary ingredient of ear drops, hydrogen peroxide, is safe to use for ear cleanup. The safe procedure of putting the hydrogen peroxide is lying down on one side, squeezing or dropping the drops in the ear canal, and then staying still for around 5 minutes and then blotting the ear with cotton swab gently.

Also, some people use the diluted version of hydrogen peroxide by mixing it with distilled water in a ratio of 1:1. It’s always recommended consulting a doctor before usage of any ear drop or hydrogen peroxide if you have any ear infection or injury.

It’s alright to clean up the ear with hydrogen peroxide at home by following instructions specified; otherwise, there are even people who have damaged their eardrums due to excess usage of hydrogen peroxide.

Sleeping In During Quarantine? Here’s How You Can Renovate Your Life With The “New Normal”

The global pandemic has made people’s lives out of the track with a sudden high thrust. Things are getting altered all of a sudden. However, for many people sleeping in during quarantine has become an advantage that comes from an unpleasant situation. For most human beings all around the world, it is work from home only, and therefore it is so easy for them to sleep anytime at home.

Observation on the Rise of Sleep Timing

Evidation Health, a health analytics company, gathered data and found out that citizens of America have raised their sleep timing by approximately 20% and that is actually something huge. Sleep is something people used to lack but the lockdown is helping people to get a bit more healthy in terms of sleep.

President of Bogan-Sleep-Consultants and SleepMed of South Carolina’s Director, Dr. Richard Bogan stated that it is something that people actually deserved but could not get for a busy and tiring lifestyle. Sleep is something that is very much necessary for the body.

More Sleep, More Wellness

It is very much known that the more you sleep the more your brain gets the capability to work. What better sleep can do is increase memory, better the mood, better the immune system along with makes you more motivated. This reveals that not sleeping enough can cause exactly the opposite of these.

Following Certain Things To Get Back To Enjoy a Healthier Lifestyle

  • Allow your body to get direct sunlight at least for 10 minutes twice a week. This much sunlight on your skin is enough for generating and boosting Vitamin D in your body making you stronger. Light uplifts the awakeness amplitude in you which results in the betterment of the brain functioning.
  • Wake up at the same time every day and get exposed to light.
  • Do not ever try to drink coffee right before you go to bed. It contains caffeine and can easily cause disturbance and break in your sleep cycle. As coffee blocks the production of adenosine, you get the chance of having sleeplessness.
  • Before going to bed, always remember to unplug certain electronic gadgets like TV as electronic lights reach the photoreceptors in our eyes. This delays the melatonin production which controls circadian rhythms.
  • Also, sleeping too early can be a problematic issue. It is better not to go to sleep early without electronic lights as your body is producing adenosine. Turn off your lights and TV, give some time to allow your brain to understand the time of going to bed, and then sleep. Always try Going to sleep between 8 pm to 12 midnight.

The Bottom Line

So, you can see how the new era has brought something positive to the community to build up the health quality of the people around the world. Also, following certain rules can improve your sleep cycle. Always remember that more sleep is healthy for the brain and the body.

Is Vegan Protein Powder Just As Powerful As Whey?

We’re living in a world where the fitness game has become the most competitive in nature. You could be an athlete, a health fitness freak who loves the gym more than home or you could be someone who is just trying to work on their health before it’s too late. Whatever it is, along with the right diet and performing the correct set of exercises every day, there’s another thing that has come into the picture these days—the protein powders. 

When you say ‘protein powder’ what comes to your mind first? Whey protein, isn’t it? Protein powders and snacks pumped with proteins have become the new ordeal these days to supplement the protein intake of the body. This is because the food that you eat isn’t sufficient to meet the protein requirements of the body, especially when you are working out. For protein is one of the main elements to build muscles of your body. However, the beauty that lays within the world of protein powders is the versatility element that they come with. You don’t have to have them at the conjunction period before you begin your workout, but you can also have your protein powders after having incorporated them into the breakfast that you love eating first thing in the morning every day. You can also mix it with yogurt and eat it as a snack, you can also include it while baking your banana bread. If you’re new to this world, then it would be hard for you to choose one particular protein powder that is right for your body. So, how can we know the difference and what is right for us?

For the basics, two types of protein powders are easily available in the market right now—the vegan variety and the whey variety. And now allow us to give a whirlwind tour about the difference that both of these varieties come with.

The Vegan Protein Powder

The vegan protein is popularly known as plant-based protein by many and it has a massively growing fan base in current times. These proteins are derived from isolated proteins that come from vegetables, grains, seeds, and fruits. The most common ones being sunflower, hemp, pea, rice, pumpkin, etc. As they are derived from plants only, the vegan protein powders become an excellent choice for vegetarians and vegans. Vegan proteins are dairy-free and gluten-free in nature and they are considered to be the best protein powder options for those who have sensitive stomachs. Another good thing about vegan proteins is that they are hypoallergenic in nature meaning that there are very minimal chances that your body might respond negatively after its consumption. In fact, for those who have sensitive stomachs, consuming vegan protein will help strengthen their digestive system as vegan protein powders are packed with digestive enzymes and fibers that ease absorption and digestion. One important point to note here is that vegan protein powders don’t come with a complete profile of amino acid. However, they do contain at least 9 of the essential ones that cannot be formed in our human body and have to be taken through supplements or food. Several types of research show how consuming vegan protein powder has helped better the heart’s health and also lower the blood pressure levels of the body.

The Whey Protein Powder

Whey protein is considered to be one of the two proteins that can be derived from milk. The second one is casein. Have you observed the liquid floating whenever you open yogurt or milk? That liquid is nothing but whey. This protein comes with a complete profile of amino acids, unlike the vegan counterpart. Whey protein has been lauded by fitness enthusiasts for ages for its ability to help promote and maintain the muscle growth of the body. When this protein powder intake is clubbed with an active lifestyle, the results are amazing! Whey protein isolates hydrolyzed whey protein, and whey protein concentrate is the variations of whey proteins that are available right now. Whey isolate is known to have more protein content and lesser levels of lactose, fats, and carbs in it. Whey protein concentrate has 80% of the protein in it and whey protein isolate has 90%. Consuming whey protein powder helps in boosting the immune system of the body and also helps in detoxification.

Ultimately, what we can conclude here is that your choice of protein powder completely depends on what your body goals are and how the functioning of your body is. Therefore, it’s best advised to consult a nutritionist before zeroing on your protein powder choice.

Can Exercising Before Bed Affect Your Sleep?

Exercise is a crucial part of our daily routine. Every person must do exercise to keep their body fit and healthy. You can do exercise whenever you want—some people like doing workouts at night or some at day. Regular exercise makes your body flexible and keeps your body away from disease. Exercise also helps in the maintenance of the weight and temperature of the body.

There is no specific timing for the workout, but some people say that exercising at night can affect your sleep. This is true, but not always. Experts claim that you can enjoy a better quality of sleep even after exercising at night. Below we will share some tips that you must keep in mind while exercising before bedtime.

What Does Research Say?

When we exercise, it has a direct impact on our heart rate. It is also said that exercise at night makes you more hydrated and releases stress hormones. The alertness in your body will be increased. All these factors directly affect your sleep at night. Hence, exercise before bed is harmful to your sleep?

This is just one scenario. In some cases, exercise doesn’t affect your sleep. For illustration, we are sharing a study of 2020, which indicates that workout before bed doesn’t impact your sleep.

In the above study, 12 healthy males are chosen on a random basis. The sleep of all 12 individuals is tested continuously for three days under different situations. All the individuals are advised to do any of the below three tasks for 30 minutes.

  • Resistance Training
  • Aerobic Exercise
  • No Exercise

All the individuals are advised to perform all three tasks with moderate intensity. Then all the individuals slept in the lab and examined by the researchers. They tested the core body temperature and sleep quality of all the individuals. After the research, it is concluded that the exercise done with moderate intensity does not affect your sleep at night.

It is observed that everything relies on the type of exercise you do and its intensity. It is recommended to choose some light exercise plan before your bedtime. If you select the right training and do it correctly, then it helps your body in improving the quality of sleep. Also, always keep in mind to finish your workout at least 90 minutes before sleeping. This time is necessary for your body to refresh and cool down. Here are some of the light exercises you can try to enjoy a good quality of sleep.

List Of Night Exercises

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Self Massage
  • Stretching
  • Meditation
  • Relief Exercises
  • Walking
  • Leisurely cycling or biking
  • Leisurely Swimming

Experts suggest that 30-minutes of night exercise is best for improving your sleep. If someone is unable to do exercise for 30 minutes continuously, then he can accomplish the same task by two sets of 15 minutes each.

All the heavy training and high-intensity exercises must be avoided before bedtime because these exercises can boost your heart rate and make it hard for you to sleep. List of all heavy practices you must avoid is given below.

  • Running
  • Heavy weightlifting
  • High-speed cycling
  • Rope-Skipping
  • HIIT(High-Intensity Interval Training)
  • Games like basketball, soccer and tennis

Benefits Of Exercising Before Bed

If you properly do the above mentioned light exercise before sleeping, then it will benefit your body in two ways:-

  1. First of all, it makes your morning charm. When you wake up, you won’t feel stressed because of better sleep quality. It also makes you extra energetic and active for the next day.
  2. The most significant benefit of exercising before bedtime is it blows out all the stress and frustration of the day. These light workouts provide your body with the mental peace you need. 

Immune-Boosting Foods for People with Diabetes

Diabetes has turned into a chronic condition for millions of people in the world. With increased blood sugar levels, the health of people is affected adversely. To keep blood sugar levels under control, doctors prescribe various kinds of oral medicines. In people who have uncontrolled diabetes, insulin injections are recommended on daily basis. Another thing which is very important for diabetic patients is mindful eating. They must have clear understanding of what to eat and what not to eat. Regular exercising is also advised by doctors for such patients. Brisk walking is a great exercise and should be done on regular basis.

Various kinds of supplements are available in the market, which claim to combat diabetes successfully. However, there are reports that many of these supplements come with serious side effects. Thus, using the supplements in consultation with a healthcare personnel is highly recommended. Apart from supplements, there are special diabetic care programs, which when followed can help in dealing with diabetes successfully. Diabetes Freedom is an example in this regard. This is a unique program for 2 –months, where one is taught about different kinds of foods which help in flushing off fatty deposits from the body, which actually accumulate around the pancreas. These depositions start when a patient suffers from diabetes. Over a period of time, symptoms and conditions worsen and more severe treatments are sought for diabetes.

Diabetes and compromised immunity

The immune system in the body is like a shield which provides protection against various kinds of germs, microbes and other harmful organisms and components. It protects the body against different kinds of ailments and diseases. Diabetic patients usually have a compromised immune system and hence they are at higher risk of suffering from various health issues. The prevailing COVID-19 pandemic situation has shown us directly that people who have compromised immunity are more prone to the viral infection. Diabetic patients are included in this category. Apart from COVID-19, diabetic patients have been seen to acquire infections quickly; infact they take a longer time to heal and recover as well. Medicines take longer to become effective for diabetic patients.

Boosting immunity with proper foods in diabetic patients

Now that it is clear that diabetic patients suffer from compromised immunity, it is important to think of ways to combat this problem. Immunity-boosting foods are probably the sole source with which this issue can be tackled successfully. In this article, we will discuss in detail about some immune-boosting foods for people suffering from diabetes.

  • Carrots – Many people have a misconception that carrots are sweet and hence are not suitable for diabetic patients. But this is completely false. Carrots are excellent immunity-boosters particularly for diabetic people. Carrots are rich source of beta carotene, vitamin K1, potassium, fiber and antioxidants and are great for the immune system. Carrots have shown to be very beneficial for eye health, for weight loss and for lowering cholesterol levels in the blood. The beta-carotene component in carrots is actually an antioxidant, which gets converted into vitamin-A by the human body. Carrots also abound in pectin, which is a popular kind of soluble fiber. This fiber helps in lowering down blood sugar levels by slowing down the digestion of sugar and starch in the body. This is the reason carrots are considered as excellent immunity-boosting foods for diabetics.
  • Walnuts – Research reports have shown that walnuts are very effective for controlling blood glucose levels in the body. As a result, risk of type-2 diabetes is lowered to quite an extent. Walnuts are a rich source of vitamin E. We all know that Vitamin E is a very powerful antioxidant and antioxidants play a crucial role in boosting immunity in the body. Along with this, walnuts are also a great source of dietary fiber. Thus they take quite a long time for breaking down and for getting digested completely. With slow breakdown and digestion, the release of blood sugar in the bloodstream is extremely slow. The only problem with walnuts is that they are quite warm and have high calories. So if you are overweight and diabetic at the same time, walnuts are not the right choice of food for you.
  • Chickpeas – Chickpeas are also known as ‘white chana’ and are a favorite food with many people. They are a kind of legume (larger in size than grams and white in color), which is beige. The shape of chickpeas is almost round. Chickpeas are considered as excellent source of vitamins, proteins, minerals and fibers. Medical research has presented us with the data that if an adult person consumes almost 164 grams of chickpeas, almost 1/3rd parts of daily protein requirements of the body are satisfied with the same. Apart from proteins, the other nutrients which are present in chickpeas help in boosting the immune system of the body thus providing protection against ailments and diseases. For diabetic patients, fiber content in food is very important. In 164 grams of chickpeas, almost 12.5 grams of fiber are present.

People who suffer from type-1 diabetes often suffer from the problem of inflammation in the body. Consuming 30 grams of fiber per day helps in reducing the inflammation considerably. Consuming a high-fiber diet helps in lowering blood glucose levels in the body and minimizes risks of type-2 diabetes. Along with all the above mentioned benefits, chickpeas are great for keeping blood pressure under control, helps in having good bone health (chickpeas have iron and calcium which are good for bones) and ensures good heart health (chickpeas abound in iron, selenium, magnesium and vitamin B, which are excellent for heart health).

  • Bell peppers – Doesn’t colorful bell peppers in the market grab your eyeballs? Well, it does for everyone. In common language, bell pepper is called capsicum and is a very popular food with people. It imparts a unique taste and flavor to any dish and makes it tasty. Including bell peppers in the diet of a diabetic person is a great idea as it plays a crucial role in controlling blood glucose levels in the body. Along with this, bell peppers also protect the body against diseases which might be caused due to diabetes. Bell peppers contain lipase and alpha-glucoside, which are two digestive enzymes. The enzymes are highly effective in slowing down the digestion of carbohydrates and lipids and this helps in reducing the concentration of blood sugar. Last, but not the least, bell peppers are rich source of powerful antioxidants, which help in boosting the immune system and provides protection to the body against various health issues, which emanate from diabetes.
  • Various kinds of lentils – We all know that lentils are extremely rich sources of carbohydrates, proteins, folate, fiber, magnesium and antioxidants. The complex carbohydrates in lentils help in controlling cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels and reduces the risk of type-2 diabetes. Consuming 100 grams of lentils daily fulfills the daily requirement of folic acid in our body. Folic acid provides protection against heart ailments by taking care of the artery walls. Lentils abound in insoluble fiber, which prevents constipation and also offers protection from colon cancer. Add different kinds of lentils in the diet of diabetic patients for boosting their overall immunity.

It is recommended to consult your doctor before you plan to include any of these items in the diabetic diet for immunity-boosting.