Hot new technology from Medtronic Diabetes

For the human body, the disease such as diabetes can prove as the number one enemy due to its silent effects on various organs. With the help of various technological options, medical science tries to curb this menace. Many companies are out there who manufacture different devices for patients who have diabetes. One such company is Medtronic, which has gained a huge reputation in the market due to its range of products for people who have diabetes.

Medtronic has always been ahead when it comes to developing exciting products for diabetes. It has seen a lot of success with many devices in the past and plans to retain that position in the future with many more exciting gadgets. Let us look at some of the most exciting things to come from this company shortly.

Advanced Hybrid Closed Loop 780G

This is an updated version of the previous models, and it is more accurate and reliable according to sources from the company. It provides automatic correction regularly that will help users to adjust for changes in diet and missed meals. Unlike previous models, it does not come with a fixed glucose target of 120 mg/dL, and it offers a good range between 100-120, thereby providing a lot of flexibility for users. This is the best option as many individuals have less requirements depending on their body weight and other health conditions.

Even the insulin duration times are flexible as the device offers different times for the benefit of users. The interesting thing about the device is that it comes with a Bluetooth option that enables users to share data with any other device. In this way, remote monitoring of the data becomes very easy, which is essential for many aged patients. Even the software updates are available remotely so that there is no need to use separate gadgets for new features.

Bluetooth connected 770G

The earlier version gets some upgrade with the inclusion of Bluetooth technology. This makes it possible to share data using the Bluetooth feature, and it will also provide access for remote monitoring of data.

As per sources, Medtronic is planning to launch the 770G version before the 780G hits the market. As the company is now offering remote software up-gradation, there is no need for users to buy 780G separately if they have already bought 770G. The version will automatically upgrade to the new features offered in 780G.

The company is one of the leaders in diabetes technology, and many of its products are sold all over the world. The good thing about the company is the way they approach innovation with a constant effort, and the new products never stop coming. They are very consistent with product launches, and they regularly provide unique and pathbreaking products to help millions of patients who have diabetes. Apart from the ones mentioned in this article, the company is also gearing up several other products for launch this year, and it would be exciting to see their new features.

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