Sleeping In During Quarantine? Here’s How You Can Renovate Your Life With The “New Normal”

The global pandemic has made people’s lives out of the track with a sudden high thrust. Things are getting altered all of a sudden. However, for many people sleeping in during quarantine has become an advantage that comes from an unpleasant situation. For most human beings all around the world, it is work from home only, and therefore it is so easy for them to sleep anytime at home.

Observation on the Rise of Sleep Timing

Evidation Health, a health analytics company, gathered data and found out that citizens of America have raised their sleep timing by approximately 20% and that is actually something huge. Sleep is something people used to lack but the lockdown is helping people to get a bit more healthy in terms of sleep.

President of Bogan-Sleep-Consultants and SleepMed of South Carolina’s Director, Dr. Richard Bogan stated that it is something that people actually deserved but could not get for a busy and tiring lifestyle. Sleep is something that is very much necessary for the body.

More Sleep, More Wellness

It is very much known that the more you sleep the more your brain gets the capability to work. What better sleep can do is increase memory, better the mood, better the immune system along with makes you more motivated. This reveals that not sleeping enough can cause exactly the opposite of these.

Following Certain Things To Get Back To Enjoy a Healthier Lifestyle

  • Allow your body to get direct sunlight at least for 10 minutes twice a week. This much sunlight on your skin is enough for generating and boosting Vitamin D in your body making you stronger. Light uplifts the awakeness amplitude in you which results in the betterment of the brain functioning.
  • Wake up at the same time every day and get exposed to light.
  • Do not ever try to drink coffee right before you go to bed. It contains caffeine and can easily cause disturbance and break in your sleep cycle. As coffee blocks the production of adenosine, you get the chance of having sleeplessness.
  • Before going to bed, always remember to unplug certain electronic gadgets like TV as electronic lights reach the photoreceptors in our eyes. This delays the melatonin production which controls circadian rhythms.
  • Also, sleeping too early can be a problematic issue. It is better not to go to sleep early without electronic lights as your body is producing adenosine. Turn off your lights and TV, give some time to allow your brain to understand the time of going to bed, and then sleep. Always try Going to sleep between 8 pm to 12 midnight.

The Bottom Line

So, you can see how the new era has brought something positive to the community to build up the health quality of the people around the world. Also, following certain rules can improve your sleep cycle. Always remember that more sleep is healthy for the brain and the body.

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