Using Hydrogen Peroxide to Remove Earwax

Hydrogen peroxide as ear wax cleaner

Ear cleaning employs many tenchniques to clear the ear canal from the accumulated dirt and wax. But one of the effective and popular home technique is using hydrogen peroxide to clean the ear block due to wax.Hydrogen peroxide is a suggested element to be used for cleaning ears for removing the excess ear wax from the ears. It is believed that the hydrogen peroxide helps in bubbling out the ear wax easily. But there are ways to use it; otherwise, there are risks too with using hydrogen peroxide for cleaning the ear canals. Often the ear drops that are available in the market that most people use to remove the debris from the ears contain hydrogen peroxide as their primary ingredient. But as said, the proportion or drops into the ear canal matters.

Hydrogen peroxide is “Cerumenolytic,” which means that it can soften, break down, and dissolve earwax. There is a specific way and set of instructions for the usage of hydrogen peroxide for its safe results and zero side effects. 

How does it work?

Many ear drops contain hydrogen peroxide as their ingredient as it penetrates the ear and breaks the build-up wax. Its exposure to the present oxygen in peroxide bubbles up the reaction and results in the softening of the wax and flushing off the excess wax. 

Cleaning off the ear wax does not necessarily mean it should flush off all the ear wax you can see in the ear. Remember, the ear wax is a natural part of the ear protecting the ear canal from external particles. Hydrogen peroxide works on only the top section and removes the unnecessary wax if used incorrect amounts.

Is it harmless to use hydrogen peroxide to remove earwax?

The primary ingredient of ear drops, hydrogen peroxide, is safe to use for ear cleanup. The safe procedure of putting the hydrogen peroxide is lying down on one side, squeezing or dropping the drops in the ear canal, and then staying still for around 5 minutes and then blotting the ear with cotton swab gently.

Also, some people use the diluted version of hydrogen peroxide by mixing it with distilled water in a ratio of 1:1. It’s always recommended consulting a doctor before usage of any ear drop or hydrogen peroxide if you have any ear infection or injury.

It’s alright to clean up the ear with hydrogen peroxide at home by following instructions specified; otherwise, there are even people who have damaged their eardrums due to excess usage of hydrogen peroxide.

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